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3D Scanning Knowledge Base - Photoneo Wiki

We have created this wiki to share the best practices, tips, tricks and other useful information regarding 3D scanning.


PhoXi 3D scanners family - Hardware overview

Physics of 3D scanning



Scanning best practices - How to scan

Scans alignment - Creating a complete 3D model of the object

Scan coordinate space - Understanding the coordinate systems in which the 3D scanner outputs the pointcloud

File Camera - Creating the "File Camera" and reusing the scans

Confidence Map - What is the confidence map and what it tells about the scan quality

Tools and software

PhoXi Control Application - Control application and API for PhoXi 3D scanners

Robot-Camera Calibration Tool - Aligning the coordinate spaces of 3D scanner and robot

3D Localization Configurator - Accurate pose estimation of CAD model in the 3D pointcloud

Bin Picking Solution - Picking randomly placed objects from the container, conveyor belt or hanger