Bin Picking Solution

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This page contains technical information about Photoneo Bin Picking product.

Hardware architecture

Bin picking components

Standard bin picking solution has 4 components:

  • PhoXi 3D Scanner
  • Vision Controller (industrial PC delivered by Photoneo running bin picking software)
  • Robot controller
  • Robot

All connections between 3D scanner, Vision controller and Robot controller are via Ethernet TCP/IP.

Control flow

  1. Program on Robot controller calls “pick” procedure on Vision controller
  2. Vision controller performs pick procedure:
    1. It triggers the scan on the 3D scanner
    2. 3D scanner captures the scene, computes the point cloud and sends it back to Vision controller
    3. Vision controller localises the parts in the point cloud (finds their positions and orientations) and computes the robot movement to pick the best part (path planning). Then it sends instructions to perform picking to the Robot controller.
    4. Robot controller performs the operation and notifies vision controller about the result.
    5. Vision controller ends the pick procedure.
  3. Robot controller places the object (custom program) and starts new picking cycle (step 1.)

Feasibility study

Before installation, we test the vision system on the real part.

  • Scanning feasibility study outputs the conditions for 3D scanning - which model of the scanner to use, scanning distance and parameters.
  • 3D Localization feasibility study results in configuration file that contains all information for vision system to detect the position of the object in a 3D scene.

Mechanical test:

  • parts should be pickable (not stacked on the edges of the bin, covered with the foil, etc.)
  • the design of the gripper should consider various orientations of the part in the bin so as the "gripping point" on the object is accessible with the gripper without colliding of the robot with the environment

Installation Steps

  • Mounting the 3D scanner and testing the vision system
  • Connection of Vision Controller to the Robot Controller - testing the communication interface
  • Robot-Camera calibration (Robot-Camera Calibration Tool)
  • Software configuration
    • Vision system configuration
    • Grasping procedure configuration (gripping point)
    • Placing procedure
  • Testing