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Windows 10

How to use PhoXi 3D scanners through HALCON

1) Download the last version of PhoXi Control and Halcon Driver from the Photoneo website
2) Setting environment variables
In Windows, go to Control panel\System and Security\System, then click on Advanced System settings on the left pane, the System properties window will open. Click on environment variables at the bottom of this window.

Env var.png

In the Environment variables window, in the system variables pane, check if the system variables HALCONARCH, HALCONEXAMPLES, HALCONIMAGES, HALCONROOT are set correctly. (Same as in the picture below)

Env var3.png

In Ubuntu, edit the file ~\.profile in a text editor and write the following line at the end (without the quotes):
"source /opt/halcon/.profile_halcon"
3) Open example file hAcqPhoXi.hdev
located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PhoHalcon\ with HDevelop.
4) Launch PhoXiControl (PhoXiControl must be running in order to call API functions)
5) Start our HALCON example (it connects to the last scanner in PhoXiControl)
6) Edit open_framegrabber (AcqName, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'default', -1, 'default', -1, 'false', 'default', 'DeviceValues[0]', -1, -1, AcqHandle)
Change 'DeviceValues[0]' to the scanners ID you want to connect to.

Ubuntu 14

After the installation, please run following commands to create links to driver libraries:

$ sudo ln -s /opt/PhoHalcon/libhAcqPhoXi.so /usr/lib/hAcqPhoXi.so
$ sudo ln -s /opt/PhoHalcon/libhAcqPhoXixl.so /usr/lib/hAcqPhoXixl.so
$ sudo ln -s /opt/PhoHalcon/libPhoXi_API_gcc4.9.4_Release.so.1.1.6 /usr/lib/libPhoXi_API_gcc4.9.4_Release.so.1.1.6

Upgrading the HALCON driver

When upgrading the HALCON driver, delete PhoXi_API_msvc12_Release_1.X.X.dll located in the MVTec folder (located in c:\Program Files\MVTec\HALCON-13.0\bin\x64-win64\ by default)