Bin Picking Tutorial: Setting up Photoneo Bin Picking Studio with ABB robots

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1. Prerequisities

Following conditions must be met:

- (616-6) PC Interface Module available

- (672-1) Multitasking Module available

- RoboTWareOS 5.13 and higher


- Robot Studio Installation (v.6.04 is recommended)

2. ABB Controller setup

2.1 Check network configuration

Turn on the IRC5 Controller and wait for Menu screen to appear on the pendant (RobotWare v.5 is used within this tutorial):

ABB pendant menu.PNG

Browse to System Info and make sure that Service Port which is essential for commissioning via Robot Studio is configured properly (usually IP address is set to

ABB pendant service port.PNG

Select LAN port, check if network is configured properly and remark configured IP address:

ABB pendant LAN config.PNG

NOTE: If you need to change existing IP settings, follow this thread

2.2 Use Robot Studio to Connect to IRC5 Controller

Set your local PC network settings to DHCP, plug Ethernet cable to Service Port of IRC5 Controller and launch Robot Studio.

2.3 Configuring a I/O

2.3.1 Preparation

Assemble cables (tall box on palette with controller), specifically XP1, XP13, XP2 to the bottom side of controller, with their respective connectors on the base of robot.

2.3.2 Setting up I/O

Various links are accessible on panel inside cabinet. These signals are wired throught XS/XP13 connector underneath the cabinet, throught connection in base of robot to R1(2).CP and R1(2).CS. XT6/6.1 signals 1 to 4 are usually used to power your device (4x1mm2) with link to R1(2).CP and connectors XT5.1, XT5.2 and XT5.3 are used to provide signals for your accessories carried by robot with link to R1(2).CS.

2.3.3 Accessing signals in program

Usually a I/O slave is supplied with robotic controller. If not install one inside cabinet and in Configuration - I/O System tab. Once completed a list of device’s Inputs/Outputs may appear in Signals tab. Configure them according to their specific purpose. A example of signal configuration is shown below:

Signals tab robot studio.PNG