Locator Tutorial: Locator Configuration & Runtime

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The main aim of this page is to provide a detail information of how to configure and use Locator

It is highly recommended that users read Locator Tutorial: Introduction prior to installation of specific robot interface

1. Locator Start

Locator requires PhoXi Scanner instance so as a first step ensure that PhoXi Control application is up and running.

In order to start Locator find Locator Configurator in the Applications menu in Ubuntu or simple type Locator command to the terminal.

2. Locator Configuration

Figure below shows Locator GUI which is intended for configuration and validation of Locator functionality.

Locator settings2.jpg

Following is the list and description of Locator controls:

  • - Scanner ID - Locator detects and list all available PhoXi Scanners as shown by Network Discovery in PhoXi Control application. Use Refresh button to reload available devices
  • - Main Port - Set a number of port which will be opened for TCP/IP communication by Locator for communication with client.
  • - PLCF - Photoneo Localization Configuration File generated from Localization Configurator. See this link for more info. Use Configure New button to launch Photoneo Localization Configurator directly.
  • - Best Result Selector - this option is used to filter results returned by Localization. For example if PLCF configuration is set to return 50 results but Locator client request only single one, this option affects which of Localization results will be finally transmitted to the client. If client requires more results, Best Result Selector is used as sorting criterion. Select from Min X, Max X, Min Y, Max Y, Min Z, Max Z, Max Overlap options.
  • - Store Log - If you want to store Locator logs to the text file, check this option and select/create a file using the Browse button.
  • - Load/Save Server Configuration - Locator by default stores the last configuration used, however these buttons can be used to save current configuration to specific file to be reloaded later.
  • - Start/Stop Server - This button is intended to start and stop Locator TCP/IP server.

3. Locator Runtime

When Locator is configured and ready for launch use Start Server button to initialize TCP/IP communication. Locator initialized and waiting for connection from client as shown in the figure below:

Locator waiting for connection.jpg

As soon as the connection from the client is established and the first scan is triggered the current point cloud should appear in the 3D visualizer screen on the right. Use mouse to reorient 3D viewer to show scene and goal object/s properly.

The final object which coordinates are about to be sent to the client is highlighted in 3D visualizer by blue color. The actual object pose is also outputted to the log screen in the bottom left corner.

Locator runtime.jpg

Locator Core works as a background service so even if you close Locator GUI, the Locator will still be running.