Bin Picking Tutorial: Setting up Photoneo Bin Picking Studio with OMRON robots

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NOTE: Users are strongly recommended to read the general introduction to robot interfaces prior to installing specific robot modules.

1. Prerequisities

Photoneo Omron Interface was developed using ACE version

2. Project configuration

Start Automation Control Environment, insert IP address of your robot controller and select Connect To Controller:

NOTE: Make sure that your LAN cable is connected and the IP address of your PC is within the same subnet as robot controller.

Alt text
Figure 2.1

If connection was established properly, you should see the basic ACE layout including Workspace Explorer as shown in the figure below:

Alt text
Figure 2.2

As a first step you need to upload pho_state and pho_client modules which you received on Photoneo-Omron Interface USB Stick.

Right Click on User Modules -> Load from V+ File

Alt text
Figure 2.3

You should reach the state with pho_client and pho_state modules available as shown in the figure below:

Alt text
Figure 2.4

As you can see, pho_client module consists of several programs. Main loop as well as IP settings are located in the pho_client program.

Open pho_client() and edit the IP address of Vision Controller you are about to connect directly in the code:

Alt text
Figure 2.5

In the next step you need to define binpicking start and end poses. Open Robot Jog Control or use Pendant to move robot to the binpicking start position. Adopt this position to meet your application requirements and save both poses using Robot Jog Control Menu. Always use Precision point option.

Alt text
Figure 2.6

Using Robot Jog Control define binpicking start_pose and end_pose. Optionally you can define place_up and place_down position if you plan to use basic placing routine provided within interface.

Alt text
Figure 2.7

When finished, you should see a list of defined poses also in Precision Points menu in the Workcell Explorer.

Alt text
Figure 2.8

3. Runtime

Start Task Status Control. Click View -> Task Status Control. You should see a menu with Recipe Manager and Smart Controller as shown in the picture below. Select Smart Controller:

Alt text
Figure 3.1

Drag pho_client() program from pho_client module to the task 0 and pho_state() program from pho_state module to task 1.

Alt text
Figure 3.2

Now start binpicking server using web interface and wait until it is ready, Now run pho_client task to connect the Robot Controller to the Vision Controller and start sending requests.

Alt text
Figure 3.3

Open Monitor Window tool to see the pho_client log outputs:

Alt text
Figure 3.4

Robot status on Web Interface should now change to Connected and Omron Robot should start executing binpicking trajectories. See logs using the Monitor Window tool.

NOTE: Ensure that you are ready to halt motion execution immediately. It is strongly recommended to reduce the speed to 10% of maximum during initial bin picking tests.