Bin Picking Tutorial: Setting up Photoneo Bin Picking Studio with SIASUN robots

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NOTE: Users are strongly recommended to read the general introduction to robot interfaces prior to installing specific robot modules.

1. Prerequisities

The SIASUN Bin Picking Interface was developed using the following system version: UI: 2.1.10, Robot: 1.1.8

This interface may not be compatible with other system versions! You can find more information about your system version in the About Tab:

Alt text
Figure 1.1

If your pendant is still in Chinese, select the Settings tab and switch the language to English at the bottom of the page:

Alt text
Figure 1.2

2. SIASUN Controller Setup

The following tutorial gives a step by step guide of how to configure your SIASUN Robot Controller, install all necessary files and amend the robotic program to get the Locator up and running.

2.1 Network Configuration

The Locator SIASUN Module utilizes TCP/IP communication for transferring data between the SIASUN Robot Controller and the Vision Controller.

As the first step in the configuration process, ensure that the IP address of the SIASUN Controller meets your network configuration requirements.

Browse to Setting -> IP Address:

Alt text
Figure 2.1

Select the Static option and configure the network settings of the Robot Controller:

Alt text
Figure 2.2

Confirm the new network configuration by clicking the YES button:

Alt text
Figure 2.3

The new network configuration will be applied immediately and the Robot Controller does not need to be rebooted.

3. Photoneo SIASUN Module Setup

The first step in the installation of Photoneo SIASUN Module is to copy the Robot Program from the Photoneo SIASUN Module Archive to the Robot Controller.

The Photoneo SIASUN Module is implemented in the following file:

  • - Photoneo_SIASUN_Module_1_3.spf'

Plug the USB into the Robot Controller, select the Program Tab and click the Import button at the bottom of the screen.

Select the "Photoneo_SIASUN_Module_1_3.spf" file from the USB Disk and confirm by clicking Import:

Alt text
Figure 3.1

If the import has been completed successfully, a popup should appear on the screen. Confirm by clicking Yes:

Alt text
Figure 3.2

The first step of the program configuration is to set a Home position - the first MoveJ command.

Set the Home Pose is out of the scanning volume to ensure that robot arm doesn't cast a shadow on the scene.

Alt text
Figure 3.3

Set the IP Address of the Bin Picking Studio Robot Interface to the vision_controller_ip variable.

By default, bin_picking_port = 2002. This configuration should not be changed unless approved by Photoneo Support!

Alt text
Figure 3.4

The next step of the process is to assign, Start and End pose joint values to the Array variables.

Start position should be located approximately 30-40 cm above the center of the bin. Jog the robot to this position and set the values in the start_joint array according to the current joint values.

End position can be the same as the start pose or it can be shifted towards the placing zone. It should also be positioned approximately 30-40cm above the bin. Jog the robot to this position and set the values in end_joint array according to the current joint values.

Alt text
Figure 3.5

Scroll down to the Motion Execution part of the program. As is shown in the figure below, the bin picking trajectory consists of 5 motion segments

  • - movej Start
  • - movel Approach
  • - movel Grasp
  • - movel Deapproach
  • - movel End

In the current implementation, all gripper commands MUST be hard-coded directly into the robot program - notice, for example, io_out(1,1) command after the grasp pose is reached.

Do not configure any alternative gripper actions or additional path stages in Bin Picking Studio !!! The only permitted sequence of operations is [TRAJ, TRAJ, TRAJ, TRAJ, INFO, INFO, INFO] !!!

Amend the speed and acceleration settings according to the application requirements.

Alt text
Figure 3.6

Reteach the placing poses and configure the speed and acceleration settings according to the application requirements.

Alt text
Figure 3.7

4. SPF File

The following section provides the source code of Photoneo_Siasun_Module_1_3.spf - the basic template which demonstrates how the user's application and the Photoneo Bin Picking API can be integrated together.

Setting Up Guide SIASUN Main.png

5. Runtime

Ensure that your solution is running on the Deployment page of Bin Picking Studio and that the Bin Picking Status is in the Waiting for a connection state as is shown in the figure below:

Alt text
Figure 5.1

Select AUTO or MANUAL mode and adopt the speed override if required.

Select the Photoneo_Siasun_Module.spf from the Program List:

Alt text
Figure 5.2

Click Start to launch the robot program:

Alt text
Figure 5.3

Hold the Press to Move button to move the robot to the Home Position:

Alt text
Figure 5.4

You should also notice that the Bin Picking Status has changed to Connected. This means that the Bin Picking Studio has established a successful connection to the Robot Controller:

Alt text
Figure 5.5

The robot should now start sending requests to the Bin Picking Studio and will execute bin picking movements.

NOTE: Ensure that you are ready to halt motion execution immediately in any issue arise. It is strongly recommended to reduce the speed to 10% of maximum or less during initial bin picking tests.