Ambient light

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Indoor ambient light generally does not influence the scan. However, very strong light such as direct sun might be a problem. This occurs especially when scanning outdoors. Try to remove all sun illumination e.g. by shadowing the window, or by moving into a different place.

SNR - Signal-to-noise ratio

Strong ambient light might be of such intensity, that the laser light is very weak compared to it. The mechanism for ambient light suppression might work, but the resulting signal is very weak. Analogy is talking in a very noisy room. A high error of depth calculation occurs. Also, sampling of the part might be sparser, because on many points the calculation fails completely.An extreme case is saturation.


Saturation occurs when a part or the whole image is illuminated by a strong light, which oversaturates the value read from the image sensor. This usually occurs where the sunlight is much stronger than the laser illumination. Because of this, the algorithm to calculate 3D position has no useful data and thus the depth (3D position) at the oversaturated part of the image is not calculated.